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The Open Data Inside Badge distinguishes all innovative organizations, companies and individuals which work with open data.

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Wo Open Data drin ist, soll auch Open Data drauf stehen.

What is Open Data?

The term open data refers to non personally-identifiable information in machine-readable form which are made free for the public and economy to use and reuse.

Open Data and potential ones can be found in every sector: administrative, governmental (i.e., economic, cultural and artistic, scientific, as well as in NGOs/NPOs and civil society (i.e.

The opportunities offered by open data are infinite: they can be used to create applications at a regional, national and international level from which both the public and the economy can benefit.

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What is the Open Data Inside Badge?

The Open Data Inside Badge is a badge that every individual and every organization which uses Open Data can download here and present on their own website. Through this international badge we want to emphasize the economic added value of open data, showing at the same time the various opportunities that open up by using them.

The Open Data Inside Badge distinguishes all those who use open data for their applications or services, i.e sole proprietors, companies, private and state organizations, associations, NGOs/NPOs, institutions and academic institutions as well as bloggers, data-driven journalists, programmers and many more.

Those who use Open Data perform a good deed and can be proud of it: the badge distinguishes them as International Open Data Ambassadors, who represent the value of Open Data in public.

How can I receive the badge?

The Open Data Inside Badge was unveiled at the international launch event in January 2015. Since then all providers of applications and services which use Open Data are able to download the badge here.

This takes only two minutes: the badge is quickly downloaded and ready to be integrated in your website; the best and most visible place is the footer.

By downloading the badge you will become Open Data Ambassador and your company name, your logo and your website will automatically appear on the list of all current ambassadors.

As far as quality assurance is concerned we count on the strength of the community: in case of misuse of the badge objection can be raised at any time and we will follow up.